CORE offers inclusive, accessible, and engaging services for you and your community.
Our services range from consulting to community outreach and are fully customizable.


Custom, engaging education experiences that spotlight community experts.
Download PDF of workshop descriptions here.

  • Courageous Conversations
  • Sustainable Allyship


Organization Analysis

  • Distribute interactive & collaborative surveys to your stakeholders
  • Arrange focus groups to gather employee thoughts
  • Review organization processes and assets through a DEI lens

Strategic Planning

  • Provide recommendations based on quantitative and qualitative data 
  • Integrate solutions into your strategic vision and mission 
  • Establish baselines to measure your success 
  • Build a foundation for long-term and sustainable learning

Networking & Outreach

  • Connect with community leaders and organizations
  • Increase your brand recognition and trust locally

Black, Indigenous, People of Color Support

  • Healing circles for marginalized individuals
  • Community-specific education experiences that empower and uplift

Community Outreach & Marketing

  • Evaluate existing marketing efforts with an inclusion and access lens
  • Create culturally and linguistically appropriate advertising campaigns